Holds Cleaning

Holds Cleaning

Brazilian Coast

Brazilian Coast is a company dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for the maintenance and improvement of vessels, guaranteeing an impeccable maritime performance.

With a highly qualified crew and the most advanced equipment in the industry, we are committed to attending the specific needs of our clients, establishing new standards in the maritime services industry.



Holds Cleaning

Our specialized crew is prepared to perform a complete and efficient cleaning of your vessels´s holds. Utilizing technical advancements and rigorous safety protocols, we guarantee the removal of debris, residues and sediments, contributing to the operational efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations.

Paint Retouching

Our painting specialists possess the necessary knowledge and experience to revitalize holds. Through advanced techniques for surface preparation and the application of high-quality coatings, we guarantee a finished product that will change the look of the holds and will afford long lasting protection that will facilitate future cleaning processes.


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